Our Purpose


We Build Personality...We Also Educate!

The purpose of education is to help build a quality life based on moral values. That's why our motto is 'Education for Quality Life'.  We can build a quality life only if we help students build a strong personality. That's why we have refined our mission as 'We Build Personality....We Also Educate'. If we build a good personality in our children, education will follow like a shadow! 


Personality Development

We strongly believe that personality development is an internal phenomenon  decided, directed and controlled by the individual. A good personality is a result of certain critical qualities installed in our students. This has to be done in the formative years so that they become the second nature. 

We build the following seven traits in our students as a part of our curriculum: 

1.   Time Management

2.   Communication

3.   Leadership

4.   Team Building

5.   Self Empowerment

6.   Etiquette and Manners, and

7.   Thinking Skills. 

All our actions and the various activities that we carry out in and outside the classroom will be closely linked to the development of the above qualities. Our teachers will be trained to internalise the above qualities so that they pass on the same to their students. 


Holistic Development

Children do what they learn. Basically they learn from two sources - parents and teachers. So there should be a meaningful and focused collaboration among the Teachers, the Parents and the Students so that there is holistic development in our children. We focus our attention to the three members of this 'Golden Triangle'. While we teach the students in the classroom, we educate our parents on effective parenting and develop our teachers through a well thought our teacher training initiative through our SRMJV Institute for Teacher Excellence. Our parents' education is very unique which we carry out through magazines, WhatsApp messages, FaceBook, personal classes and through video and audio CDs.